Ethereum (December 2013 – current)

The original Ethereum whitepaper was written by Vitalik Buterin and published on his blog in December 2013. It was entitled “Ethereum: The Ultimate Smart Contract and Decentralized Application Platform.” The current version, which has been extensively revised since its inception, is stored on Github. Ethereum was inspired by Mastercoin and other early revisions of the Bitcoin blockchain, and is widely considered the first serious attempt to create a blockchain infrastructure capable of general distributed computing. It is used widely for running decentralized apps (Dapps) across many industries, including enterprise solutions. The Ethereum software is open source and actively, collaboratively produced by the community. The Ethereum Foundation supports and promotes development of the Ethereum ecosystem. The Ethereum whitepaper was substantially revised by the Ethereum Yellowpaper, written by Gavin Wood. ~ Quinn DuPont

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