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Soft Launch and Future Goals

The Blockchain Research Network is launching.

Welcome to the future!

I’m Quinn DuPont, the Editor in Chief of the Blockchain Research Network. I’ve got big ambitions for the network, which I hope will develop into a robust research tool for academics, software developers, entrepreneurs, and the interested public.

Check out the network’s mission statement for more information.

In the immediate future we will be working to grow the user base, develop the editorial and advisory board, and (inevitably) sort out the technical issues. I invite everyone to sign up, use the resources, and make contributions.

As the user base grows, we will increase crowdsourced contributions by enhancing and expanding the research bibliographies. Growing the research bibliography is the central task for the next year, so please sign up, request an account upgrade, and contribute. We will also start soliciting blog posts and will be developing research guides and other resources.

Finally, we will be exploring ways to ensure that the network continues to grow and becomes self-supporting and long-lasting. I invite all suggestions for improvement.


Quinn DuPont

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